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Solar Power Plants

Photovoltaic (PV) systems represent a renewable energy that is well established and is using a technology that is reliable, environmentally sound and has the advantage of a long lifetime if compared to others within the renewable energy sector. With high initial capital costs and subsequent low operation and maintenance costs it requires that the plants are well engineered to offset the high investment.

The economic viability of a solar plant over its lifetime is conditional to a large part on the initial considerations of an appropriate engineering design. Appropriate land development and an adequate storm water drainage system are fundamental. Selection and sizing of key structural and electrical components in conjunction with good electrical installation standards will make a difference when it comes to long-term system performance.

Lastly it is important to ensure adequate access to the functional control and maintenance of solar installations. Feed-in tariffs are contractually agreed with the utilities company for a pre-determined timeframe during which the investment return can be ensured, under the condition that O&M cost escalation is within the assumed range. Equipment replacement costs and labor costs escalation will always be based on assumptions with the risk being carried by the project owner.

Design Plus Build Co., Ltd. is providing expert knowledge for the solar plant sector which will ensure that your investment can bring the return calculated in your initial due diligence plan.


I: Pre-Concept Phase
Feasibility Assessment
Technical Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence Support
Energy Output Assessment
Site Assessment
Owner's Consultant

II: Project Development
Design Verification
Vendor Assessment
Supplier Audits
Tender Development
Contractor Selection
Contract Preparation
Owner's Representative

III: Construction
Manufacturing Inspection (FAT)
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Construction Design Approval
QA/QC Management & Inspection
Vendor Technical Audits
Construction Supervision
Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
PV Component Testing
Owner's Representative

IV: Commissioning & Project Hand-Over
Planning of Commissioning Phase
Witness of Equipment Commissioning
Plant Grid Synchronization
Final Acceptance Testing
String Testing
Construction Conformity Assessment
Energy Output Calculation
Performance Ratio Calculation

V: Operation
Functional & Safety Tests
Condition Monitoring
End-of-Warranty Inspection
Performance Verification
Failure Analysis

1. Technical Due Diligence for Solar Plants

Our services during the Pre-Concept stage of the project include Technical Due Diligence to support owners, lenders and investors in their project decision making process and during acquisitions.

Being the consultant for investors in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines we have gained valuable experience in evaluating a wide range of projects covering all technical aspects.

From site assessment in flood prone areas to energy yield calculations and plant operation, we step in with our knowledge and experience.

  • Project site assessment
  • Permitting and licenses analysis
  • Grid connection study
  • Local code compliance
  • Environmental impact study
  • Energy output assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Review of certificate documents of main equipment

2. Project Development

During the project development a conceptual design for the project is developed including site preparation works, architectural, structural and electrical/mechanical works.

From contractor and supplier qualification to tendering and commercial agreements preparation our consultancy services for the project developer cover all aspects during this project stage.

Participation in several large scale solar projects and working with international project Owner’s have given us the confident and deep know-how.

  • Conceptual & detailed engineering works
  • Contractor and supplier evaluation
  • Bidding document preparation
  • Commercial agreements and contract review including:
    • Scope of work compliance
    • System warranties and performance guarantees
    • Project securities and penalties
  • Capital expenditures (CAPEX) for entire project
  • Operational expenditures (OPEX) post hand-over

3. Project Management

With the EPC contractor mobilizing to the project site the project management consultant’s responsibility is for engineering design review, site supervision and commissioning of the project. The project objectives will be translated into action by working directly with the EPC contractor and their related sub-contractors.

The 2 phases of project management include design review and construction management.

Design review for equipment, schedules, civil works, installation and erection, testing and commissioning is provided throughout the construction phase of the project.

Performing construction management requires working with all parties to help develop the project and deliver the project on- time and within the quality standards set forth in the contract. Payment schedules and assess work completion versus agreed contractual obligations is required to be reviewed.

  • Establish project controls manual
  • Design reviews
  • Monitor and coordinate contractor’s activities
  • Report work quality and progress
  • Review QA/QC procedures and approve
  • Coordinate and participate in project meetings
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Appropriate lender’s reporting content
  • Project budget disbursement planning
  • Payment approvals

4. Solar Performance Testing for Final Acceptance

Design Plus Build Co., Ltd. is offering third-party final acceptance testing services to ensure that solar plants meet all specifications in terms of design, standards, regulations and performance.

From installation inspection, electrical measurements to final acceptance tests to meet the requirements for grid synchronization our services can include:

  • Code compliance verification
  • Assistance in commissioning
  • Definition of tests protocols regarding measurement, data treatment and necessary corrections according to standards.
  • Plant performance tests including yield assessment and system losses analysis
  • inspection of facility for final acceptance
  • Witnessing of commissioning
  • Permitting documentation review

5. Maintenance Services

Design Plus Build Co., Ltd. is offering comprehensive inspection services to support the operation and maintenance of PV plants to ensure the economic viability of your PV plant throughout the lifespan.

  • Establish plant maintenance program
  • Thermography photo analysis
  • Visual inspection and performance evaluation of individual system components
  • Inspection and repair of mechanical structures
  • Inspection of functional efficiency on all electrical components such as inverter, cables, distribution boxes, safety devices.
  • Compilation of inspection reports

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